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Chandigarh Emerging as Fastest Growing City With Rapid Infrastructure

Chandigarh is the city that seems to be highly flourishing and is being designed by the French architect Le Corbusier thus becoming one of the first planned city in terms of the infrastructural developments. This Union Territory is thus known to serve the capital; of Punjab as well as Haryana. In terms of delivering numerous projects by various segments that include individual flats, luxurious homes as well as studio apartments, this city is thereby known to flourish very rapidly. As a matter of fact this city is thereby recognized to become one of the fastest growing cities in Nation. Apart from that it is one of the wonderful place in order to start up the business where you can find numerous highly reputed companies to come up in the city thus resulting to start up the property values.

With the successful rise in the development in the IT firms this city is seeing to have large influx ment of huge mass of population from all across the world. The demand for the properties over here are rising each and every passing days. This city is thereby known to usher a new way of development especially for the luxurious apartments, individual flats as well as studio apartments. Numerous residential areas in the city of Chandigarh like 22, 21 and 24 are seen to get remodeled from kothis to the individual flats. Apart from that you can find numerous new constructions to be happening in the neighbourhood of panchkula, Zirakpur and Mohali.

The demand for the skyrise apartments in Chandigarh are seem to touch the peak thus allowing the realty sector of the city to gain tremendous importance. In terms of doing investment on properties, this city is thereby considered to be the hot spot destinations and is thus on the verge of maintaining an average rise of 10-12% in every six months from the past two years. The demand of these apartments are seen seen to be boosting up rapidly and this is basically due to the rising lifestyle of the individuals. As the living standard of the population is increasing day by day hence, the demand is also increasing at its fastest rate. The developers pover here are thus emerging with numerous luxurious projects in terms of balancing the gap between the supply amdf the demand.

As compared to the premium homes, the upcoming residential property is highly concentrated towards the Builders in Chandigarh. These projects are getting launched with the price range of approximately Rs 20-40 lakh and hence is thus witnessing varied number of transactions. The current capital values of the apartments basically ranges from Rs 2,500-4,000 per sq ft and is thus known to be highly affordable as compared to other localities in the city of Chandigarh. On the contrary, Zirakpur is one of the hot spot destinations in terms of doing investment and hence in the past one year is having the unprecedented growth in the realty sector. According to the Gurpinder Chadha from Guru Properties, this city has thus changing the face of the real estate market.